How often do I need to do temperature checks? What do I need to check?

Chilled products - must be kept refrigerated at or below 5°C. Frozen products by definition are required to be stored/displayed hard frozen and this is achieved by keeping them at or below -18°C. Due to the high risk associated when storing/displaying potentially hazardous foods it is best practice to ensure a minimum of 2 temperature checks are performed and documented daily. These should be completed prior to 8am and prior to 6pm daily.

Hot Foods - When cooking foods they must be cooked to at or above 74°C, whole chicken however is recommended to be cooked to above 88°C to ensure it is completely cooked. The temperature of cooked food is to be recorded at each cook, the hot food storage temperature i.e. Bain Marie, Self-Serve Hot Chicken Unit; is to be recorded at least 2 times per day and must be at or above 60°C.

A probe thermometer must be used for all potentially hazardous foods temperature checking.

11.16 - Temperature Measurement of Foods
10.1 - Guideline - Product Temperature Standards
18.24 - Hot & Cold Temperature Checksheet

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