What is the ‘Hot Foods Cooling Verification’ and why do I need it?

Food Standards Code, 3.2.2 Division 3 (7) Food Processing, If your store cooks hot food and then cools it to be sold cold i.e. Hot Chickens at the end of the night, sold cold the next day, then you must be able to provide evidence that you are cooling via the correct methods.

To comply with this all foods must be cooled following the below temperature and time controls, State Food Regulators require this to be documented at least monthly:

  1. From greater than 60°C to 21°C in less than 2 hours, and,
  2. from 21°C to less than 5°C in a further 4 hours.

11.12 - Processing & Handling of Hot Takeaway Foods
18.23 - Hot Foods Cooling Verification

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