Do I need to have a Pest Sighting Record, and a professional pest control service?

Food Standards Code, 3.2.2 Division 6 (24) Animals and Pests, A food business must take all practicable measures to prevent pests entering the food premises; and take all practicable measures to eradicate and prevent the harbourage of pests on the food premises.

Treatment by a professional Pest control operator is strongly recommended as they are skilled in the safe application of pesticides in a food premises. There is no prescribed frequency for treatment, however as an IGA supermarket we recommend every 4-8 weeks, depending on the requirements of the premises and the product used by the Pest control operator. Using a Licensed Pest Control operator is seen as preventative whereas Pest Control managed ‘in house’ may mostly be reactive to a Pest problem.

A Pest Sighting Record allows all staff members to be responsible for pest control in your store (as documented in 3.1 - Food Safety Induction) and shows documented evidence of your commitment to Pest Control as a Food Business Operator.

Should you wish to self-manage Pest Control you will be required to meet certain obligations (Chemical Use, SDS etc.) and a documented procedure should be available as evidence should a Pest Infestation be reported.

15.0 - Pest Control Program
18.13 - Pest Sightings Record

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