Why do I need to complete a Cleaning Schedule and Cleaning Checklist for all of my departments?

Food Standards Code, 3.2.2 Division 5 – Cleaning, sanitising and maintenance - requires all Food Premises to be clean and sanitised.

To demonstrate that this is being achieved, especially within our processing areas i.e. Meat (required for AS 4696:2007), Delicatessen, Produce and Bakery, it is required to document this on:

  1. Cleaning Schedules, 12.0 - Cleaning & Waste Disposal Program, which show the equipment to be cleaned, procedure used, staff responsible, frequency etc.; and,
  2. Cleaning Checklists, 18.12 - Fresh Depts Cleaning Records, to show evidence that cleaning has taken place and that the Cleaning Schedules in Section 12 are effective. It will also assist to follow up with staff as a training tool when cleaning is identified as being inadequate.
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