I have an in-store Butcher, what other monitoring records do I require?

In-store Butchers have further requirements to meet under the ‘Australian Standard for the Hygienic Production and Transportation of Meat and Meat Products for Human Consumption, AS 4696:2007’.

A Food Safety Program must specify the controls used to meet this standard. Many monitoring records developed are used to show evidence that certain criteria are being met. 18.04 - Fresh Meat Dept Pre-Op Check Sheet ensures that the processing area and equipment is clean and hygienic prior to the commencement of each working day, (AS 4696:2007 Part 2 – Wholesomeness and Operational Hygiene, Division 4 Operational Hygiene).

18.08 - Delivery Record Checksheet shall be completed when delivering products to other food businesses, (AS 4696:2007 Part 8 - Transportation of Meat Products and Meat Products, Division 23 Operational Hygiene). All delivery vehicles transporting meat may also be required to be licenced with the state regulator as a Meat Transport Vehicle, check with your Metcash Food Safety Manager.

NOTE: In NSW the IGA Retail Food Safety Program can be used as a substitute to the Meat Diary issued by the NSW Food Authority, all relevant monitoring records for an in-store butcher are required for ongoing compliance.

to view the Refss equivalence Comparison with the Meat Diary


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