When and how do I use the Food Safety Induction?

Food Standards Code, 3.2.2 Division 2 (3) Food handling – skills and knowledge, a food business must ensure that persons undertaking or supervising food handling operations have – (a) skills in food safety and food hygiene matters; and (b) knowledge of food safety and food hygiene matters.

3.1 - Food Safety Induction must be completed with all new staff members at the commencement of their employment. This applies to all departments including but not limited to Checkout Operators, Grocery, Liquor and administration. A training record must be filed as evidence that all staff have completed the induction training.

14.0 - Food Safety Training Program and 14.1 - Guideline - Food Safety Training Matrix documents the levels of training required for departments/positions to effectively manage the Food Safety Program and ensure the very best quality is available to our customers.

All staff members should complete refresher training every 2 years to ensure skills and knowledge are maintained.

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