Why do I have to do Scale Calibration Checks daily?

The National Measurement Institute may at any time inspect your premises for trade measurement compliance.

It is well accepted that the scales we use for trade must be accurate and verified by a licensed provider. However scales can become inaccurate over time and may result in overcharging our customers for their weighed items.

A store found with an inaccurate scale can be fined up to $32000 per scale (Requiring Fault), however if the store can demonstrate that there are procedures in place to ensure customers are charged correctly i.e. Daily Checks, the applicable fine may be one of the following; up to $7200 (Strict Liability), or $900 on the spot fine and in all cases the verification label is removed and the scale is tagged out of use until the scale is re-verified.

Requiring Fault - intent or negligence
Strict Liability - having appropriate QA requirements i.e. Audit programs and follow-up but something went wrong

16.0 - Calibration Program
18.16 - Scales & Thermometer Calibration Checksheet

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