Why do I need the Monthly Tare & Net Weight Check Sheet?

It is an offence to include some or all of the packaging in the net weight of goods sold.
Items sold by weight either pre-packaged in-store or serviced from the Delicatessen require the tare weight to be deducted from the final sale price. This is usually achieved by having the tare weight of the packaging set against the items PLU in the back office system.

Monthly checks of these tare weights is required as changes do occur to packaging weights from time to time, by change of supplier, change in production etc. It is the stores responsibility to monitor these weights for compliance to NMI Legislation.

NOTE: When determining the tare weight, take into account only the packaging placed on the scale e.g. In Deli, salad tubs are weighed & priced before placing lid on, therefore, tare weight would be the tub without the lid; In the Meat department, the weight of the tray and any film is checked as the full pack is generally placed on the scale for pricing.

The Net Weight Check (Weights and Measures Check) is completed on products which have been packed in-store to ensure that there is sufficient tare weight deducted from the label weight. This check is often completed daily/weekly across a range of in-store packed goods offered for sale. Often an items initial tare weight may be correct at the time of packing however over the shelf life of a product dehydration may render the product non-compliant.

The Trade Measurement Audit checks that the Monthly Tare Weight Check against PLU in the system is being performed. The audit will also complete a sample selection of products which have been packed in-store to ensure a level of compliance that the store is not selling short weight items.

11.21 - Stock Audit & Trade Measurement Checks
18.11 - Monthly Tare & Net Weight Check Sheet

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