Goods Inwards Summary includes checks for ALL food deliveries. Why is this not just for perishable goods?

Although it is well accepted that perishable goods shall be checked for temperature control prior to taking receipt of the delivery, many stores do not perform documented checks on all food deliveries.

Food Standards Code, 3.2.2 Division 3 (10) Food Transportation, includes the requirement to protect all food from the likelihood of contamination during transport. We do this by checking all food deliveries for pests, odours, chemical contamination, use-by / best-before date check, description of goods and supplier Name.

Suppliers may use different delivery companies at times and in case of a delivery being rejected, it is good measure to document the delivery vehicle details to ensure full traceability of product to your food premises.

11.15 - Inwards Goods Receiving
18.01 - Goods Inwards Summary – Template

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