Building Department-Specific e-Log sheets

The eLog sheet builder can be used to generate multiple versions of your selected eLog sheet for either:

  • a general area of your store (multiple departments/storewide), or
  • an individual department of your choice.

Example Scenario
Take a large sized store as an example. They have scales at the front of the store at each register, and scales at the back of the store in the Produce area. The store might benefit from having 2 separate scales check eLog sheets in this case, to be filled in by different staff members.

To build these 2 eLog sheets, the REFSS system user first adds items for Front End - Daily Scales Check:

  1. Enters the "Lists" area by either
    1. Selecting the appropriate site from the dropdown at the top of the page
    2. Clicking on the "Actions" button and select "Lists"
  2. Clicks on "Equipment" from the left hand menu
  3. Clicks the “+Add" button in the top right corner
  4. Selects “Daily Scales Check” as the eLog sheet
  5. Selects “Front End” from eLog Sheet Group
  6. Selects Scales from the Equipment Category
  7. Selects “Digital” from the Equipment Type
  8. Enters “Register 1 Scale” in Equipment Name
  9. Clicks Save and Duplicate
  10. Repeats step 8 and 9 for each front end scale.


He/she then wishes to add a separate Produce - Daily Scales check eLog sheet:

  1. Changes the eLog Sheet Group from “Front End” to “Fruit and Veg”
  2. Continue with the above steps 6-9 until all Produce scales have been entered
  3. For the last Equipment item, they click Save and Exit.

When these eLog sheets are Published, the system looks at each Equipment item, and the combination of selected eLog sheet (no.4 above) and eLog Sheet Group (no.5 above). From this, the system checks to see if the combination of eLog sheet name and area/department exists as an already-built elog sheet; if not (in our example let’s assume there is not) it will create NEW eLog sheets:

  • Front End – Daily Scales Check (containing 2 equipment items)
  • Fruit and Veg – Daily Scales Check (containing 1 equipment item)

The user (Store Manager) can add more equipment to either of these new Daily Scales check forms by selecting the eLog sheet and either Fruit and Veg or Front end, and the new equipment item will be added to that eLog.

If the user enters a new equipment item using a NEW combination of eLog sheet and eLog Sheet Group, the system will identify the combination as being new and create a new eLog sheet (e.g. if the user needs Daily Scales check for Bakery also).

Now that these items exist, they will be available to "Publish":


  1. Add the details of an equipment item, including selecting the eLog sheet and eLog Sheet Group
    1. If the eLog sheet name + Store area/department combination does NOT exist
      1. the equipment item is added to the Equipment list, and will appear as a field in the NEW eLog sheet (when you “Build eLog Sheets”)
    2. Or if the eLog sheet name + Store area/department combination DOES exist
      1. the equipment item is added to the Equipment list, and will appear as a field in the EXISTING eLog sheet (when you “Build eLog Sheets”)

  2. Once you have made ALL your changes/add all the Equipment items:
    1. Click on “Publish eLog Sheets” from the left menu
    2. Select all eLog sheets (takes longer) or select just the ones that you updated (quicker), and click “Publish”
    3. If “Success” is shown, your device will download the updated eLog sheets


Note:  Department-specific logs sheets currently only available for 

  • Daily Scales Check
  • Refrigeration and Freezer Temperature Check
  • Weekly Thermometer Calibration

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