How To Edit Or Delete Equipment

To edit or delete equipment from your site you will need to login to the Wizard.

Select the site you would like to edit/delete equipment from using the drop down list at the top of the screen 

and click on click on "Equipment" in the left hand navigation.

A screen will now appear with a list of all equipment already in your account. 



Editing Equipment

To edit an equipment item, click on the "Actions" button, then select "Edit" against the relevant item.


You will be shown the Edit Equipment page. Edit the necessary fields and click on "Save".



Deleting a Equipment item

To delete the equipment item, click on the "Actions" button and select "Delete" against the relevant item. 

NOTE: this will affect all e-logs previously linked to this equipment item (eg. temp check or scales check eLogs).


A confirmation message will now appear to ensure you want to proceed with deleting the equipment. If you are sure, click on "yes", otherwise select "no".


IMPORTANT:  After editing equipment items, remember to re-publish the log sheets.

  1. Click "Publish eLog sheets" from the left menu
  2. Click the "Select All" tickbox
  3. Scroll down and click "Publish"

Grab your tablet and open 'Eziops' App. Click the 'Settings' tab at the bottom right corner. Click 'Sync Now' button to refresh the App.

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