WHS/OHS Management System Initial Implementation Guide

What is the WHS/OHS Management System:

The WHS/OHS Management System is a structured approach to improved workplace occupational health and safety that focusses on 5 key steps:

  1. Top Management Commitment and Policy – this is a general plan of intent that guides or influences future decisions pertaining to OHS in the workplace.
  2. Planning – the delivery of policies, procedures, objectives and targets to ensure hazards arising from business activities are identified, assessed and controlled.
  3. Implementation – develop the required capabilities and support mechanisms necessary to achieve the requirements of the OHS Policy, objectives and targets.
  4. Measurement & Evaluation – measure, monitor & evaluate OHS performance to determine effectiveness of risk management processes.
  5. Review & Improvement – Continually review the WHS/OHS Management System with the objective of improving OHS.


Step 1: Manager to read and sign key documents within the System – 30 Minutes
Deliver and communicate the following 4 core Policies to all staff:

  1. Occupational Health and Safety WHS 1 -1-000
  2. Workplace Behaviors WHS 1 -1-001
  3. Injury Prevention Management WHS 1 -1-002
  4. Return to Work Policy WHS 1 -1-012

All 4 policies are endorsed by senior management and are general plan of intent on how safety in the work place is to be managed by all highlighting that in general safety is everyone’s responsibility.

Ensure you are have read and are familiar with other Procedures and Guidance Notes WHS 1 -1-004 through WHS 1 -1-0011

Read Issue Resolution Procedure WHS 3—1-100 and Employee Consultation Procedures. WHS 3-1-001
Information and guidance on how health and safety issues identified in the work place are resolved and /or managed via the consultative approach with the inclusion of both employees and management, the formation of consultative committees as well as health and safety representative roles and responsibilities.

Step 2: Identify and deliver core content for Managers and Team Leaders to implement – 120 Minutes

  1. WHS 6-1-000 Incident Reporting & Investigation processes and procedures.
    1. Introduction of the incident/hazard report form and process of reporting incidents and or hazards no matter how minor.
    2. For reference to understand Hazards & Risks refer to WHS 2 -2-001
    3. Review eLogsheets 6-3-001/002/003
  2. WHS 7-1-000 Emergency Management Manual
    1. Introduction to roles and responsibilities of identified emergency response team members i.e. Chief and Fire Wardens as well as providing guidance for specific emergency response situations i.e. Bomb Threat, Severe Weather event etc.
    2. Review eLogsheets 7-3-002/003/004/005/006/007
  3. WHS 8-1-000 Workplace Inspection Procedure.
    1. Introduction to conducting regular site walks and inspections that compliment hazard reporting processes. This allows for the identification of workplace hazards prior to incidents or accidents occurring then the identification of corrective or preventative actions as required.
    2. Review eLogsheets 8-2-001/3-001/002/003
  4. WHS 12-1-000 Forklifts Procedure
    1. Introduction to use, operation, responsibility and accountability of Forklift / Walkie Stacker / Pallet Jack on site
    2. Review eLogsheets 12-3-000/002/003WHS 12-1-001 Manual Handling Procedure
  5. WHS 12-1-001 Manual Handling Procedure
    1. Introduction to how all manual tasks shall be assessed for hazards, risks, and how preventative or corrective actions may be identified
  6. WHS 12-1-002 Traffic Management Procedure
    1. Introduction to ensuring that a traffic management plan is developed for the site
    2. Draw a schematic of the traffic flow on a site map
  7. WHS 12-1-003 Substance Management Procedure
    1. All substances hazards/risks will be assessed and controls implemented in accordance with this procedure
    2. Create Hazardous Substances Register

Step 3: Deliver all employees a version of the overarching OHS Induction Manual WHS 1-1-14 – 30 Minutes per employee

  1. This is a core reference document to all of the developed policies and procedures.
    It is expected that all employees receive a copy, read and understand the policies and procedures then sign the back page and return to management.
  2. Managers and Team leaders to provide additional training and support as needed to employees.
  3. Ensure someone in store has current Level 2 First Aid with current CPR certificate

Step 4: Review Safe Work Procedures & Operating Manuals – 120 Minutes

  1. Ensure Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is available for staff near the designated piece of equipment or store location
  2. Identify staff that require training with this equipment
  3. Ensure the appropriate Safe Work Procedure is placed on the wall near the appropriate hazard
  4. Ensure up to date Operation Manuals are available in close proximity to the designated equipment

Step 5: Deliver all employees the appropriate Safe Work Procedures training – 30 Minutes per employee

Step 6: Initiate scheduled OHS Committee Meetings (60 Minutes Quarterly)

Step 7: Toolbox Talk Meetings (60 Minutes Monthly)
Suggested topics Meeting 1

  • Issue Resolution Procedure & Employee Consultation
  • Incident Reporting
  • Manual Handling
  • Traffic Management
  • PPE

Step 8: Workplace Inspections (15 Minutes Weekly & 30 Minutes Monthly)


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