e-Log Scheduler - Reporting

The e-log scheduler reporting feature is a summary of e-log submissions that need to adhere to a scheduled time.

After setting up your Scheduler intervals for e-log sheets, each submission is analysed to see:

  1. If it has a scheduled interval set for the e-log sheet
  2. What time the submission was made

And from this, the Scheduler determines if a submission was On time, Late, Not submitted, or Outside Schedule.  These statistics are recorded and displayed in "Summary Reporting"

If the e-log sheet has an interval set, the submission time is analysed to check if it is:

  • On time
  • Late
  • Not Submitted
  • Outside Schedule (Invalid)

For more information on the Scheduler rules, click HERE


1st level Reporting

The coloured tiles at the top show a summary of submissions that have Scheduled intervals applied: On time, Late, Not submitted and Outside Schedule.

You can also drill down into more specific detail by clicking on the "View more" bar at the bottom of each summary tile (1), or the "More" button (2) or any of the numbers (3) in each e-Log sheet scheduled activity tiles will access the 2nd level of reporting (see below) for the selected item.



e-Log Sheet Scheduled Activity

The e-Log Sheet Scheduled activity is also broken down into specific areas

  • Frequencies (Daily/Weekly)

  • Risk Systems (Food Safety/Operations/Workplace Health and Safety)

  • Departments


Custom Views - Filtering

The default setting is to display all available tiles for the selected tab (Frequency/Risk system/Department) - however if there are too many tiles you can remove/add tiles as you need.

  1. Select the tab you would like to change the tiles for

  2. Click the Filter button. To remove tiles - click the "X" on the unwanted item

  3. Click the Save button.  The saved tiles on this tab will be saved to your login profile.  If you made a mistake, you can click the RESET button to revert back to the last saved view.

  4. To add a tile back, click the filter button again, and click next to the visible items in the text box - this will expand a drop down list.  Choose the item you want to add to your view and click Save.

  5. You can also reorder tiles - click the Filter button again, and click and drag the items into the desired ordering.  Click Save to keep this view.


2nd Level Reporting

From 1st level, you can access more specific/detailed information about Scheduled submissions by clicking on:

  • the  "View More" bar under each summary tile at the top of 1st level reporting

  • "More" button

  • Tile numbers

At the 2nd level of reporting, you will see a list of submissions that is filtered by the particular item you clicked.  For e.g. - if you clicked "view more" of the "Not Submitted" summary tile, you will see ALL of the scheduled intervals that were not submitted

From the 2nd level of reporting, you can easily switch to On time (1), late (2), not submitted (3) or Outside Schedule (4) submissions by clicking on the required tab.

Alternatively you will be able to filter the submission information by limiting the frequency (1), Risk system (2) or Department (3) - just select which item to filter by in the drop down.



Return to the main Scheduler reporting page (1st level reporting) at any stage by clicking the "Back to level 1" button in the top right corner.

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