e-Log Scheduler - How to set Intervals


 To ensure e-Logs are being submitted at particular times, you can add scheduled time intervals to e-log sheets using the new Data Capture Scheduler.

For more information on the Scheduler rules, click HERE


Set an interval for an e-Log sheet

  1.  To access the Scheduler, make sure you are in the "Site" area - navigate by clicking on the red "My sites" button at the top of the page and select your store name.

  2. In the left navigation at the bottom, click on e-Log Scheduler

  3. Click on the +ADD button in the top right corner of the page

  4. This will take you to the "Add new Scheduler" page.  Here you can set scheduled time intervals against any of the e-Log sheets you have published.

    Note:  For a guide/recommendation for time intervals against each log sheet, click here

    A. E-log sheet selection - click the box to expand the drop down list

    or start typing the name of the e-log sheet to filter

    B. Set the frequency
    - Daily: choose the start time and end time, then click ADD button

    NEW: You can now select individual days for your Daily checks - especially handy for the stores that are not open on weekends

    - Weekly: choose the start day of the week, the start time, the end day of the week, and the end time, then click the ADD button

    - Monthly: choose the start date, the start time, the end date, and the end time, then click the ADD button.

    You can now select individual Months for your Monthly checks - especially handy when you need to set quarterly, bi-annual or annual checks.  Click here for more information.

    Note: Only one interval can be set for Monthly Scheduler

    For each Frequency type, you can now select a time from the "Quick Options".  This will quickly add the specified time as an interval.  Note: The usual overlap rules still apply.




    C. Enable type - choose when to activate this interval 
    - Always:  The interval will be applied to submissions from the following day

    - Disabled:  The interval will be disabled - like a "turned off" state.  No Scheduler statistics will be recorded while the interval is disabled.  

    - Customised:  The start and end dates of the interval can be set with this option

  5. Once all settings have been entered, click the SAVE button.  The interval(s) will appear in the Scheduler list

  6. To edit or delete an interval, click on the "Actions" button to the far right and click edit or delete

NEW FEATURE: You can now export your Scheduler list to an Excel file - to post on your noticeboard of the store or anywhere the Eziops app is used.  Click the "Export to Excel (.xlsx)" button in the top right corner of the eLog Scheduler page



  • Only 1 frequency (Daily OR Weekly OR Monthly) is allowed per e-log sheet.  i.e. you can't apply a daily interval to Daily Scales check, and then apply a weekly check also

  • Multiple intervals of the same frequency can be set for e-log sheets.  i.e. you can set an interval for Refrigeration and Freezer temperature checks in the morning (6am to 10am), and a separate interval in the afternoon (2pm to 6pm)

  • Multiple intervals cannot overlap.  i.e. 06:00 - 08:00, and 07:00 to 09:00 is not allowed, since it can't be determined if a submission at 7:30 would be for interval 1 or 2.

  • You can set the same times for multiple eLog sheets also - at step 4.A above, add one or more log sheets, and when saving, each eLog sheet you added will have the Interval information (Start and end times) set for it.
  • You can also EDIT or DELETE an existing interval - just click the ACTIONS button and select EDIT or DELETE. 

A VIDEO guide is also available - click HERE.

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