Why does the camera open when I try to unlock my Android device?

Some users may be used to operating with iPhones or iPads and swipe right-left to unlock their device, however the right-left action with the Android tablet results in a different operation - this will actually open the Camera app.  This is an Android "feature" and relates to the Screen lock "Swipe" option, which is set by default.  Unfortunately there is no easy way to remove it, but there are a few options you can try as a work-around:

  1. The obvious one - Always Swipe UP to unlock

  2. Change the Screen unlock option - Since the Camera app is tied to the swipe action, you could try a different way of unlocking the screen, or turn the screen unlock off completely.  You can change the Screen unlock method by:
    1. Opening the Device settings (from the homescreen)
    2. Select Security
    3. Select Screen lock
    4. Choose a different method of unlocking 

      IMPORTANT - Please Note:
      Choosing a PIN, pattern, password or other lock method is RISKY - it relies on you remembering the code to unlock.  If the code is lost or forgotten, there is no way of retrieving it, and the device will need to undergo a factory reset, which will wipe all data and return it to the factory settings.



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